Due to quarantine and lack of tourists in Transcarpathia, mushrooms are becoming cheaper

Journalist of the Uryadovy Kuryer, Vasyl Bedzir, asked mushroom sellers why the price of mushrooms in Transcarpathia has dropped significantly.

According to the journalist, at their place of residence, mushroom pickers were selling mushrooms to wholesale buyers for 30 hryvnias per kilogram, and at the market – for 60 hryvnias.

"Quarantine has greatly affected this year’s mushroom business: forest gifts have never been so cheap as now. Ceps for 60 hryvnias – this could only be dreamed of, because last year they cost at least 120. The main factor causing the drop in prices is… tourists.  According to a woman we talked to at the Uzhgorod market, those buyers did not spare money and thanks to them a decent price was formed. Now they are gone, and Transcarpathians will not buy at high price. They’d rather go to the forest and gather some themselves," – the journalist’s report reads.


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