Due to delay in printing, textbooks for first-graders will be available as late as in October

Ukrainian schools will have to wait for paper textbooks for the first grade until October.

According to the Education Minister Lilia Grinevich, the lack of textbooks should not be a problem, as the Ministry of Education and Science has developed detailed training materials for first-graders for September.

– At first, we planned to deliver textbooks by September 1, so that teachers could study them for a month, – Grinevich said.

In general, this year they plan to print 18.5 million textbooks.

At the same time, due to the delay in textbook printing, Grinevich plans to fire all employees of the institute responsible for it.

According to Grinevich, it happened, in particular, due to the poor examination by the Institute for the Modernization of the Education Content.

By the way, electronic versions of textbooks can be viewed HERE.

Source: Mukachevo.net

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