Due to an accident, gas supply was cut off in 16 settlements of Uzhgorod and Beregovo district

The repair crews of the "Zakarpatgaz" are already working to relieve the accident
Hennadiy Moskal informs about the accident.

On Saturday (19.01) after 11 am near the village of Chervone in Uzhgorod district, there occurred a depressurization of a medium pressure gas pipeline, which immediately triggered the automatic emergency system. 
Due to the cut-off of gas supply on the section from Chop to Beregovo, 16 settlements of Uzhgorod and Beregovo districts are without gas, namely: Chervone, Tisaaktelek,  Tisauyfolu, Tisaashvan, Esen, Salovka, Petrivka, Demichev, V. Dobron, M. Dobron, Svoboda, Bakosh, Batyevo, Danylivka, Badiv – in total, 4 thousand 298 consumers.
The "Zakarpatgaz" repair crews have already begun working to rectify the accident, – Hennadiy Moskal says. – Nobody was injured as a result of the accident. The depressurization occurred underground on the joint of the gas pipeline. Immediately after the relief of the accident, gas supply will be gradually restored. The exact time will be announced later.

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