Drunk taxi driver turned out to be the Uzhgorod court employee’s husband

The accident happened on the highway Chaslovtsi-Pidhorb not far from Uzhgorod on Tuesday, June 26, approximately at 9.30 p.m. Uzhgorod taxi driver, driving a car ‘Daewoo Lanos’, ‘did not fit into the rotation’ at the crossroads, drove on the territory of roadside cafe and knocked down several people.

According to the press service of the regional traffic police administration, the taxi driver was previously three times detained for driving under alcohol intoxication. He was examined for alcohol content in blood after the accident.

As ‘FAKTY’ found out from a reliable source, the wife of the taxi driver works in Uzhgorod District Court. Probably, this can explain the fact that after each detention taxi driver has never been brought to justice. For the first time traffic police detained a drunk taxi driver in March 2010, but Uzhgorod court, where the materials were sent, closed the proceedings. The history repeated in two months – in May 2010, and once again court closed proceedings in the case. For the third time the drunk taxi driver was detained in April 2011, and ‘the most humane’ Uzhgorod court… gave him an oral warning.

The current detention of the taxi driver is already the fourth. According to the witnesses of the accident, he… was once again drunk. But the results of the examination are not ready yet.

Two pedestrians were injured as a result of an accident. They were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including multiple fractures.

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