Drunk son slain to death a 82-year-old mother in Khust

 Domestic murder caused by a drinking habit happened in Khust. 53-year-old son raised his hand on his own 82-year-old mother. The old woman died of the received body injuries and the unworthy son is dealing with the police now. The apprehended did not admit his guilt at first but then he confessed to the crime. The old lady did not want to let the drunk son home in the evening, so he broke out the door and started beating her. The victim died next day of the injures. In the fact of intentional murder (chapter 115 Part 1 of the Criminal Code) the investigation continues according to the criminal code. He may get 15 years imprisonment for the crime, – informs the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathia region.  

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