Drunk police officers picked a fight near the village cafe in Perechyn district

The unknown called ‘102’ on June 1 at 12.30 a.m. and said that two drunk man, who introduced themselves as the Ukraine USS staff burst into the store-café in the village of Rakovo, where the Rakovo secondary school prom night was held late at night on May 31. They started to speak out the obscene words and clung to the graduates.

The operative group officers arrived at the scene. They found out that NRA USS operative of Ukraine in Perechyn district Yaroslav M. and Oleg D. indeed drove to the shop-cafe ‘Nartsys’ by car while being under the alcohol intoxication. At first, they started to demand from the shop owner the permission documents on the trade when entered the shop. Which, according to a woman she refused to show because they were drunk. The USS officers refused to leave the cafe premises, where the prom was held. They started to cling to the present. Then they went outside and severely beat two passers-by, the village of Turia Remeta dwellers. The victims with multiple injuries were taken to the Perechyn Central District Hospital. The fight initiators refused from the survey.

The investigation continues.   

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