Drivers of the so-called “Italian buses” paid over 104 million hryvnias (PHOTOS)

Drivers of the so-called "Italian buses" have paid more than UAH 104 million in customs duties for the import of various goods from EU countries 
That and the work of dog teams and stationary scanning systems at customs posts in the area of the Transcarpathian customs will be discussed in the piece of the German international broadcasting company "Deutsche Welle" (German Wave). 
Its representative, journalist Kateryna Lutska, talked to the customs chief Oleksandr Bohash, visited the customs post "Tisa" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, and tested the skills of a sniffer dog, Ramsy, who found a cache in a minibus in a matter of minutes and also once found the largest batch of smuggled gems (over 300 kg of amber) hidden in the fuel tanks of a truck. 
The chief of the department of customs control technical means Serhiy Andronenkov told about the modern scanner which has unique capabilities of exact recognition of the objects hidden from customs control. Here, experienced customs officers scan large vehicles and look for goods hidden from customs control: cigarettes, weapons, alcohol, and even recognize labels of branded clothing. 
Summing up the activities of the customs, its head Oleksandr Bohash stressed that as of today, 4 billion hryvnias in customs duties and payments has been paid to the State Budget. In particular, for the last 3 months of this year, more than 104 million hryvnias was paid by drivers of so-called "Italian buses" for the import of various goods from the European Union. 
Press Service of the Transcarpathian Customs of the State Customs Service 


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