“Drinking water source” is now under custody of Mukachevo foresters

Recently, the Mukachevo foresters fixed up one of the most popular and visited hydrological monuments in the village of Kolchino in the territory of the Maidan forestry – the drinking water source. 

Travelers heading to the forest are well aware of the spot where they can not only get crystal clear, always cold water, but also take a rest in the forest in a specially equipped place. According to Vasyl Antalovsky, the director of Mukachevo Forestry, this facility has a high traffic due to its convenient location near the village. This is also due to the fact that the forest source is under the constant care of foresters.  The reconstruction and refurbishment of the "Underground Source" was completed two years ago.

Now. the current repair has been carried out on its territory. 

Therefore, the foresters once again ask citizens to appreciate and protect such beautiful forest spots, not to litter or damage the structures that are made for convenience and comfort in the forest. 

 Press service of the Transcarpathian Forest and Hunting Range Administration

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