Dozens of cars with wood, stuck in Transcarpathia, are the wood from Galicia, which Russians are trying to export to the Czech Republic

28 of over 100 cars with wood, which were to be exported to EU countries and are stuck in Transcarpathia, belong to the "Ukrliskompleks" LLC.

– This company, which is engaged in trade of wood and operates on the single tax basis (ie pays almost nothing to the budget), is founded by three citizens of Russia, – the head of Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal said. – The core business is export and sale of Ukrainian wood to the Czech Republic. Transcarpathian forestries refused to work with the "Ukrliskompleks", so the company buys woods in other regions. Its main partners are state companies from Lviv region.

That is, patriotic Galicians sell their timber to representatives of the aggressor country and only Transcarpathia stands in the way. Yesterday, a representative of the "Ukrliskompleks" came to me and tried to blackmail with some protests if his cars with Galician wood are not let out abroad. I told him in popular Russian, which direction to go, and this direction is definitely not towards the EU.

As of today (26.05), at border railway stations "Chop" and "Batyevo" in Transcarpathian region, there are 173 cars with wood (mainly fuel wood) from other regions of Ukraine, ready to be shipped to the EU. Transcarpathian customs will not clear the cars, because the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal by his order limited the amount of wood to be exported from Ukraine to up to 1 meter.

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