‘Dozen’ of illegal immigrants from Somalia were detained by Chop border guards

Recently, locals helped with detention of another group of illegal immigrants on the territory of Border Guard Service Department ‘Palad Komarivtsi’ of Chop Border Troop.

One of the locals noticed movement towards the Ukrainian-Slovak border of multiple groups of African appearance people in the morning and immediately reported this to the border guards. In order to check this information and conduct the detention of unknown persons, the subdivision commander sent the operational group, by forces of which the offenders’ detention was carried out. As a result of detention border guards counted 10 uninvited guests who named themselves as the citizens of Somalia. But the Africans’ citizenship is still not installed, because in this case, as in the most detentions’ cases, that were carried by Chop border guards, none of the ‘travelers’ had any documents that could proof their personality.

According to detainees, among whom there were five men and the same amount of women, the aim of their journey was favored by many illegal immigrants European Union.

By the way, this was the largest group of illegal immigrants detained by Chop border guards this year, because Somali illegal immigrants used to storm by a group of eight people.

Currently the administrative and procedural actions, operational and testing measures are held in order to establish the circumstances of the offense and the possible involvement of Ukrainians to the illegal immigrants’ transferring. The decision on liability under the law and the fate of detainees in Ukraine will be determined by the court – informs the press service of Chop border troop.

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