Does Lunchenko want to depict Russian soldiers on boards?

August 26, the Transcarpathian Regional Administration gave orders to district state administrations and city executive committees of the region to place patriotic images on billboards. However, the layouts that they sent are very strange… It depicts a soldier under a Ukrainian flag, who most closely resembles… "little green men" – soldiers who participated in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Fortunately, it was noticed on the ground, and in some cities they stopped printing posters. It is unknown if the "green man" has been put on billboards anywhere, – Pro Zakhid reported.

The publication posted the would-be billboard layout and asked ​​very pertinent question (because, as noted by people knowledgeable in military issues, the photo depicts not a Ukrainian soldier, but a soldier in the uniform of Russian armed forces): "So, according to the board, we have to thank invaders?".


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