Doctors insist on adoption of the law on transplantation (video)

On Thursday in Uzhgorod, there was a discussion of the bill, which has to become a new impetus for the development and reformation of the transplant service of Ukraine. Head of the Health Department of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration ROMAN SHNITSER, Head of the department of kidney transplant of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the NAMS of Ukraine RUBEN ZOHRABYAN, Head of the department of efferent technology of the Institute of Nephrology of AMS of Ukraine in Kyiv IRINA DUDAR, Regional nephrologist VASYL STRYZHAK, chief doctor of the regional cardiology clinic ROMAN SOSKYDA, cardiac physician of the regional cardiology clinic PAVLO LUKACH, representatives of clergy: Archpriest of Mukachevo-Uzhgorod Eparchy father Vasyliy KERETSMAN and father Roman POP participated in the discussion.

The main thesis of the discussion: although technological level and training of our local professionals allows now to perform transplant operations in Ukraine, the lack of state funding and legislation brings to naught all attempts to ensure the development of transplantation. Representatives of the clergy noted that the church approves organ transplants, but only under certain conditions and circumstances.

Roundtable participants unanimously agreed that unless an appropriate law is passed, there will be no changes in the development of transplantation in Ukraine.

To note: for the last 10 years 1002 transplants of various organs have been performed in Ukraine. Experts estimate that Ukrainian professionals can perform 4600 transplants a year. Now in Ukraine there are 4800 patients on hemodialysis, although annually 24 thousand Ukrainians need it. Approximately one in four of them dies while waiting for their turn. 


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