Doctors explained how to distinguish regular flu from swine flu

Having survived the pandemic and panic 3 years ago, Ukrainians still can not tell seasonal flu from swine one. The majority of the population is immune, because H1N1 has been in Ukraine for two seasons. In Ukraine, the case of swine flu has been confirmed in a laboratory. Doctors recommend patients not to refuse from hospitalization. They say, H1N1 is a so-called pandemic influenza – it is better treated in a hospital. Its complications can be dangerous and lead to death. So far, the only laboratory-confirmed case of swine flu was in Kyiv.   Swine flu is one of the viruses that cause severe complications – pneumonia. In 2009, it killed dozens of Ukrainians. Doctors then could not do anything. Having survived the pandemic and panic 3 years ago, Ukrainians still can not tell seasonal flue from swine one. Swine flu affects young and middle-aged people – up to 50 years. It is a relatively healthy working-age population who are accustomed to survive flu without hospitalization. This is the main danger. Swine flu can turn into pneumonia in 5-6 days. The kind of pneumonia caused by H1N1 is very difficult to treat – resuscitation, artificial ventilation and large dose of antibiotics is necessary. Almost all deaths from swine flu happened because patients were not treated on time. 4 recent deaths in Poland confirm this. If a doctor suggests hospitalization – do not refuse, in the hospital this virus is treated better than at home. Although swine flu is not the main strain of this season, but every third Ukrainian does not have immunity for it.

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