Divers tried to smuggle across the border almost 2,000 packs of cigarettes (VIDEO)

Illegal trasportation of tobacco products across the Ukrainian-Romanian border was prevented this morning by border guards in Transcarpathia. 
While patroling, border guards from the Western Regional Directorate of the State Border Service detained two men with bags on the outskirts of the village of Velyky Bychkiv, 5 meters from the border. The detainees, who were wearing wetsuits, did not have any documents.
As it turned out later, the offenders were Ukrainians, residents of the village of Dilove, aged 27 and 32. The men planned to move nearly 2,000 packs of cigarettes to neighboring Romania.
At present, the detained divers have been delivered to the border guard department "Dilove" of the Mukachevo detachment, where they have been charged with administrative offenses under Article 204-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.
The case was forwarded to court.
Law enforcement officers also delivered the tobacco products to the border guard unit and will hand them over to the SFS employees.


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