Disorder on Uzhgorod roads will last at least for a week (PHOTO)

However, on one of the most complicated road sections – the intersection of streets Mynayska – Shvabska and Prospekt Svobody  – they are already repaired but on Mukachevo-Stantsiyna and Ankudinova-Ruska the traffic is still not regulated.
The Director of CE ‘Uzh-svitlo’ Sergey Betsa explains such a situation in the city with the fact that spare parts for these ‘three eyed’ devices became obsolete long time ago. Moreover, as they are no longer produced since 1974, it is rather difficult to find them.

A new traffic light object may cost less than 60 thousand to Uzhgorod and in that area there must be three of them. As the Mayor Deputy Yuriy Belyakov informs there is no money in the city budget, of course, to equip new intersection devices. That is why they will try to come out of this situation on Poshtova in every possible way.

Until the traffic lights are repaired the traffic at the road intersection will be controlled by traffic police members. But as we see on the photo, drivers will be guided only by their own solidarity…



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