Director of Mukachevo ware supply service fled from striking workers

The management of Mukachevo ware supply service (Vodokanal) appeared to be helpless against workers’ strike. From early morning the company’s workers refused to work until they receive several months salaries owed to them.

The meeting with the director Mykhailo Bodnaruk did not yield any results. So to pacify his workers the director of Vodokanal called … the police. Despite that, people still say they refuse to work until they are paid in full.

Some consumers are already beginning to suffer because of the strike at the company. Yesterday, residents of certain streets were notified about cutting off of the water supply due to the strike at the company, the call center does not work.

By the way, the director of the enterprise has disappeared. Mykhailo Bodnaruk said that he was going to the city council, but noone saw him there. Currently, the police are looking for the director to get an explanation.

Panorama Mukachevo

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