Diocese with the MSRC “Way of Life” will hold a charitable event “Winter’s Tale”

January 10 at 11:00 in the village of Novoselytsia in Perechyn district, at the open air ski winter base, Mukachevo diocese with Medico-Social Rehabilitation Center "Way of Life" will hold for children with disabilities from the Center a charity event called "Winter’s Tale."

The purpose of the event is the spiritual and material support for disabled children, who in our difficult time most of all need spiritual and material care.These are the people who are one of us, but due to various life circumstances, they are children with special needs.

The program consists of the opening, the charity concert, cooking hot meals for kids on fire, live communication between kids, chatting with Archbishop of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod Theodore, volunteers and others.

The event will take place near the winter ski slope in the village of Novoselytsia in Perechyn district.

All volunteers and concerned people of good will are welcomed to participate in the event.

Telephone numbers of the organizers of the charity event: 

095-532-31-96 – Oleksandr.

095-155-52-88 – Father Vasyliy.

050-186-53-23 – Father Oleksandr.

050-372-71-74 – Father Vasyliy.

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