Difficult life of a young lone swan from Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

In the social network Facebook, Attila Fedyk posted photos of an inhabitant of the Kirpichka lake located in Uzhgorod. The sad story of the swan. 
"Meet an "ugly duckling" named Feri, that lives on the Kirpichka lake."
The author of the posted notes that he saw two adult swans and a young playful swan on the lake. It seems like a happy family, but, unfortunately, as it turned out, it is not so… 
“People come and feed swans near the shore, but, unfortunately, adult swans do not allow young Feri to approach and eat. They drive him away and do not allow him to eat near the shore.” 
From the women, who come to feed the swans, the man learned that Feri the swan has been here since mid-summer. They also said that there was a fierce struggle for the territory, which Feri’s parents unfortunately lost and flew somewhere in the area of ​​the lakes on Fizkulturna street. 
But Feri is not alone! He even has a guard dog, who barks from the shore and drives away the adult swans to give Feri a chance to swim to the shore and eat. 


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