‘Die Hard’ – Hungarian or Russian?

Bruce Willis landed at the international Airport named after Ferents List in Budapest on his own plane yesterday. Citizens found out about this before the plane’s arrival because of the traffic jams and through the blocked streets for the preparation of the shooting area, inform Hungarian editions. The Government relies on the great influx of money after the adoption of law that obliges foreign actors to pay taxes in Hungary. Previously, actors had to pay taxes only after 86 days of staying in the country, but now the number of days on the mandatory payment is not affected when the income of the tape is more than $20 million. This will encourage American actors as well, because they will be able to get 20% of taxes back.

Willis brought his wife together with the recently born child to Budapest. The ‘Die Hard’ fifth part will be filmed in several districts of Budapest at the same time and the majority of streets will be issued for the capital of Russian Federation since the basis of the plot will take place there. The film is planning to be released on the screen on the St. Valentine day of 2013, because it will be an extremely romantic.   

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