Did mother drive the 10-year old boy who jumped from the roof to suicide?

As it was previously reported by uzhgorod.in 10-year-old boy jumped from the roof of nine-storey house in Uzhgorod on July 6. 

In the course of investigation it was revealed that the child committed suicide. From explanations of the tragedy witness – uzhgorod citizen L., a boy jumped himself from the roof, and nobody was next to him at that moment.

According to the information of Uzhhorod Prosecutor Ivan Shtefanyuk on the next day, July 7 the father of the child appealed to the prosecutor with his civil wife and allegedly letter of a boy, written 10 days before the tragedy. The letter states that the 43-year-old mother of a child mocked on him and his two brothers did not feed them and beat.

 In this regard, for the need of comprehensive and objective clarification of all the circumstances, was instituted the criminal case on the fact of driving to suicide – Part 3 st.120 Criminal Code of Ukraine. The handwriting expert was appointed in order to identify the authorship of the letter.

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