Details of the Uzhgorod detective story (COMMENTS)

This Sunday in Uzhgorod ended up to be less calm than usual: in the morning, there was a chase with arrest.

Currently, the details of the detective story have been reported.

Thus, the Transcarpathian police confirmed the fact of kidnapping. "There was such an incident. A group of people, who had kidnapped a man, were detained. It all lasted about 10 minutes from the moment of the kidnapping to the detention by the police. Since it happened just now, we do not have any further information. Preliminarily, it was extortion", – the website quotes the police press service.

Vitaliy Glagola also commented on the incident: "I have found out that the kidnapping was reported by a cop, who was not on duty and became an accidental witness of the incident. He saw from his balcony two cars blocking the third one. The driver of the blocked car was dragged out by threatening with weapons (later it turned out to be unregistered traumatic guns) and put into the Mercedes. The patrol policeman informed his colleagues about the kidnapping and they immediately began to chase the cars. The other car is still being searched for."

And we are waiting for a more detailed information from the police.

Meanwhile, the photos of the car, from which, as they say, a man was kidnapped, have been posted online.

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