Despite the illness – to dance. The “Way of Life” pupils with Down syndrome found their vocation in dance

Last year, on the eve of the 8th of March, the "Zamok" talked about the fate of the woman who two decades ago gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome.Back then, Tetyana Myryavchyk did not even assumed that today she would be so proud of her Vasyl’s success. He plays tennis, makes candles, embroiders with his friends at the medical and social rehabilitation center "Way of Life" and, more recently, began also dancing.

Together with Svitlana Solomon they dance in sports and dance studio "Victoria" and constantly take part in integrated concerts of the "Way of Life." Despite the disability (the girl also has Down syndrome), they can immerse in their characters for the performance, and diligently perform the dance steps in accordance with choreographic techniques. They are assisted by the head of the "Victoria" sports and choreography studio Victoria Danchyn-Brezhynska.

Together with the group, young dancers perform in integrated concerts, confidently walk up to their dreams. And thus they convince everyone that nothing is impossible! 

Today the boy’s mother says that at first she was somewhat surprised by the offer to teach her son dances, because she was not sure if Vasyl would be able to learn choreography. But despite doubts, she agreed to take him to the lessons. Tetyana says that at first the young man could not dance, there were even moments of discouragement.   But over time, Vasyl and Svitlana found their vocation in dance and sincerely rejoice that they can perform on stage. So now, dancing is the meaning of life for the couple. 

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