Deputy Moshak reminded student years and played in intellectual games in Student’s Republic

This year nearly four hundred students from all the higher educational institutions of Transcarpathia became the inhabitants of Student’s Republic. The territory of the festival is free from tobacco and strong alcohol and those who ignore the rules are sent home immediately.

‘Each participant knows the rules, if he breaks them – he is warned. If the warning is not enough – a person leaves a camp. However, the program is so intense and entertaining that participants do not have time to get bored there’ – told the head of the youth association ‘Student’s republic’ Volodymyr Bilonka.

The deputy of Ukraine Sergiy Moshak decided to see how modern studentship live. Of course, he did not come with empty hands. The deputy presented the Student’s republic residents sports equipments and intellectual table games. The parliamentarian was pleasantly surprised that the young people live not only by entertainments, games and pranks, but also actively discusses the political issues.

‘Several teams were formed before which there was put a task to develop a strategy of intellectual development – said the student of mathematics department of UzhNU Maria Kustryn. Our team ‘Tudy-Siudy’ believes that the ultimate goal of each conscious citizen – is a constant development. All the decisions we take collectively. Thus, Sergey Moshak joined to the intellectual game during which together with participating teams discussed strategy and vision development. ‘At a time when I was a student, young people are deprived of the opportunities that currently have your generation’. You can freely to travel, learn from the experience of other countries and apply modern technologies. Of course, the main capital, which you get now are knowledge and skills you will develop and use later in life. If in our country the majority of students are similar to those I met on Student’s Republic in Transcarpathia – I’m not afraid of for the future of Ukraine’ – said Moshak.


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