Deputy Mayor of Chop could have been beaten for fighting casino

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, March 7, an unknown person severely beat the Deputy Mayor of Chop Larysa Prykhodko. 

According to the victim, on this day, around 8 o’clock in the morning she was coming down the stairs from the 2 floor of the house on 2A Zaliznychnyky Ave., and on the first floor she was attacked by an unknown man who started beating her first on the head, then began kicking her.

According to Ms Larysa, she has long been followed. She attributes the attack to her strong stance about underground slot machines in Chop and some conflicts with the police. 


The police suspect a man, aged 25-30 years, height – 175 cm, athletic body stature, oval face. The said person was dressed in blue jeans, dark gray jacket with a hood on his head and black sneakers.

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