Deputies of the Transcarpathian Regional Council supported the “Tysa FM” Radio

Transcarpathian regional deputies, at the first plenary meeting of the seventh session, supported the initiative of the Regional Council Chairman Mykhailo Rivis, who promised to lobby the interests of the Transcarpathian radiostation and adopted the decision "On the appeal of the Transcarpathian Regional Council to preserve the existing volume of broadcast for the regional radiostation "Tysa FM", which was sent to the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the "National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine" PJSC.

Transcarpathia is a region which has long been dominated by foreign broadcast stations. Closing the only state radiostation, that takes into account the specific features of the multinational region, can lead to unpredictable consequences. Nearly two dozen young, talented radio workers may lose their jobs, and thousands of people not only in Transcarpathia, but also in many regions of Ukraine and abroad may lose their favorite radio.

Due to a large public outcry caused by the possible demise of the station, numerous appeals of popular figures of Ukrainian culture, music bands and artists, media experts, journalists, critics, NGOs and activists to support Tysa FM, we appeal to the aforementioned state institutions requesting the following:

1. To keep the current volumes of broadcast for Tysa FM radio, and under favorable conditions to expand them by granting the first Ukrainian radio channel a separate frequency in Uzhgorod.

2. To apply creative potential, technical facilities, goodwill and experience of the radio Tysa FM in the creation of the Nationwide network of youth Ukrainian radio channel (under Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On public television and radio of Ukraine").

3. To consider during the decision-making the Decree of the President of Ukraine number 47/2017 of 25.02.2017 "On the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of December 29, 2016 "On the Doctrine of Information Security of Ukraine".

4. To make an informed decision about the radio Tysa FM that has been successfully operating on the territory of Transcarpathian region for 12 years, in which a lot of money, effort, time and human resources has been invested, which is known and respected not only in Transcarpathia, but also far beyond the region and abroad as evidenced by the words of support from listeners from around the world;

5. To take into account that this appeal does not create any obstacle for the creation of the network of Ukrainian radio, which has an alternative path, and serves only the purpose of the preservation of the unique Ukraine-centered radio project – "Tysa FM".

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