Demand for IT-specialists beginner increases in Ukraine

Ukrainian employers are increasingly looking for IT-specialists of beginner (junior) level. This is connected with the lack of IT-specialists of average (middle) level and the development of Ukrainian startups culture.

About such a tendency informs the research data, prepared by Luxoft Personnel in cooperation with

Thus, the number of vacancies for specialists with beginner level increased by 2,7 times in the fourth quarter  in comparison with the same period in 2010, strongly beating tendencies for programmers with a wide experience.

The demand for this category will only increase, as HR-specialists believe. ‘The culture of startups is developing, so the most progressive developers will try to open their companies, to develop ideological products. Many people still consider the output in travelling abroad, therefore there will also be certain losses of qualitative resources,’ – pointed out Yana Zhezdrina, the staff manager in the IT-company Cogniance. 


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