Deceased will not be sent to forensic analytical expertise

A man who died without a violent death, will not be sent to forensic analytical expertise. Death certificate will be issued by the GP. The corresponding decree was signed today at the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Office of Prosecutor General.The document is entitled "Procedures for cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Health to establish the fact of death."

This was said at the press conference, by the Deputy Health Minister Oleksandr Tolstanov.

He said that the decree was signed due to the introduction of the new Criminal Procedure Code to clearly regulate the actions of a police officer, physician and employee of the Prosecution General.

"If a person younger than 60 years old dies at home, and during his or her life suffered from any chronic ailment and was registered in the hospital, the body shall not be subject to forensic medical examination. Of course, if there are no signs of a violent death. If a person is older than 60 years, the same shall be applied if there is no objection of the relatives," – said Oleksandr Tolstanov.

"From now on after the death of a person at home his or her family members should call a doctor and a police officer. Policeman states the absence of signs of violent death, and the local doctor writes a certificate of death. With this certificate family members go to the registry office," – said the official.

In his words, before, a police officer did not assume the responsibility and sent the corpse immediately to the forensic morgue. And from there the body could not be taken without permission from prosecution. Therefore morgues were overoccupied.

"Now, the deceased shall be sent to a forensic medical examination only if there are signs of a violent death. By this decree we clearly define how to act in cases where there is a violent death, and where there is not. We try to minimize concerns of people in connection with the loss of their family member or loved one," – said Oleksandr Tolstanov.

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