Debaltseve. Do not forgive. Do not forget! (PHOTOS)

Three years ago, in 2015, Ukrainian soldiers left Debaltseve, where they had for a long time been holding back the enemy’s attacks. Fighters of the 128th Transcarpathian Mountain Infantry Brigade were also defending the brdgehead.

On Saturday, February 17, a lot of people came to the Hill of Glory in Uzhgorod to honor the memory of the killed heroes. There were servicemen of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade, as well as representatives of the authorities, – Uzhgorod City Council reported.

The commander of the 15th separate infantry battalion of the 128th Brigade, Oleksandr Palamarchuk, soldiers, who participated in the battles near Debaltseve, shared the memories, recalled the tragic days of February 2015, those, who were heroically defending Ukrainian land at the cost of their own lives. The attendants prayed for all the victims, put flowers at the graves of the Heroes.

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