Dead persons have been included in the lists of election commission members to sell the seats at 5-10 thousand dollars

According to Oleksandr Chernenko, chairman of the NGO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine", during this year’s election campaign there were cases beyond the most shameful cynicism, when the dead were included into the lists of commission members.

"A strange situation. Once we talked about "cemetery votes" in the lists of voters. This time, we have to speak of "cemetery votes" among the members of the electoral commissions – he commented at a press conference at the press center "Transcarpathia" today, October 15. – Parties purposefully nominated candidates without any chance just to be able to register their commission member. They took people from the database, just to register them. Parties registered phantoms in order to withdraw them and sell seats to other parties. Then they turned to other political forces, saying: pay us 5-10 thousand dollars and we will withdraw our members. They did not even know whom they nominated. There have been cases where people have been registered in committees without their knowledge. This is a violation of the law, because commission members have to write an application, and that means that their applications were falsified. And the nomination of the members from among the dead is just beyond good and evil."

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