Dairy products containing substitutes will be sold on separate shelves

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Agricultural Products to develop and submit to the Cabinet by the end of August a bill that would obligate milk processors to indicate on the packaging of dairy products inscription "with milk ingredients substitutes" if the same are used, and place them on separate shelves.
 This is stated on the Prime Minister’s official website.
In particular, milk processors will be required to put the specific inscription on packages of dairy products produced with the addition of milk ingredients substitutes. It is proposed to ban using in the title of such products words derived from traditional names – "cheese", "sour cream" etc.
"This law primarily protects consumers’ rights: allows them to easily distinguish natural dairy products from products manufactured using substitutes while retail prices have to be reduced. In addition, the law will support bona fide domestic producers and processors of milk," – said the Prime Minister.
In addition, the head of the Cabinet called unacceptable a situation where in a number of regions milk is purchased from citizens at a price of 1.6-1.8 UAH / liter exluding VAT. Therefore, by the initiative of the Prime Minister, the government has set the minimum level of purchase price of milk at 2.2 UAH / liter, excluding VAT.
"Up to 70% of the milk in the country is produced by private farmers who need to be protected from various speculators who buy milk at artificially low prices" – said Azarov.
In early June, Parliament decided that milk and milk products should be subject to government price controls. Particularly, the act prohibits above mentioned entrepreneurs purchasing milk and dairy products from suppliers without a written signed contracts of sale of such products.


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