Czechs shared their experience of local management organization in Uzhgorod

Ukraine’s course towards European integration stimulates the holding of more and more measures which promote public awareness concerning the European values of social development, with the processes of the social order reforming in accordance with the European standards.

This also applies to the regional and local management. Therefore, it is very important to know how the system of local management works in the neighboring countries for the executive bodies and local authorities employees. The heads of executive committees of the regional center and district councils, the heads of standing committees of these councils, the village heads, the listeners of the regional center retraining courses, the state and local government’s qualification had an opportunity to listen to information as an organized system of Czech Republic local government, particularly in the land of Vysochyna, with which Transcarpathian has already been working for 5 years.   

The conference ‘Regional and Local Governance: Ukrainian and International Experience’ was held on June 21 in Uzhgorod for this purpose. It was organized by the Regional Council and Uzhgorod National Universities as a part of this year’s cooperation program between Transcarpathian region and the land of Vysochyna.

The conference was opened by the Faculty of International Relations Dean of UzhNU Mykhola Palinchak. The deputy chairman of Regional Council Andrii Serbailo and the deputy chairman of Regional State Administration Volodymyr Prykhodko also addressed to its participants with an opening speech.

It was interesting to hear from the mouth of the regional authority head of the land Vysochyna Zdenek Kadlets, who especially for this purpose made his official visit in Transcarpathia and met with scientists from the International Relations and UzhNU leadership, on the lessons of reform which were passed by the territorial entities of the Czech Republic. Moreover, he has an extensive personal experience in the administrative activity, actively participated in the process of the region’s reforming and experienced all its advantages and disadvantages.

Zdenek Kadlets outlined in his presentation the basic principles of territorial administration in the Czech Republic, which is in the past 20 years have passed three stages of reform.

UzhNU professor Myroslava Lendiel, Associate Professor Victor Shynkar, Ph.D. Ivan Striapko and Mykhilyna Nagorna, Natalia Koval and Aksenia Strashko spoke on various aspects of the territorial administration in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and a number of other European countries and the current issues of local government in Ukriane.

Conclusions and recommendations of the conference will be sent to the regional governments and local authorities in order for them to take in into account in the their work – informs the Regional Council press service. 

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