Cutting down the trees in UzhNU Botanical Garden

In Botanical Garden UzhNU trees to be cut down

In the Botanical Garden of Uzhgorod National University, which is located within Uzhgorod, trees are being cut down, said Zagolovok.

The place of felling is close to the bypass road. Two hundred meters up from the cafe, which is situated not far from cognac factory. In the photos, taken in Monday, April 16, 2012, it is obvious that the trees have been cut recently. All of them are healthy and thick enough to sell them at a higher price. These are mostly oak. The denuded area is convenient for transporting timber.
The criminal case started by the Transcarpathian interdistrict environmental prosecutor’s office of cutting down trees in park Bozdosh. An additional expertise is appointed in this case.

Uzhgorod Mayor Viktor Pogorelov, when talking about ‘clearing’ the park Bozdosh mentioned ‘Shakhta forest’. ‘If Uzhgorod citizens want to visit a forest, not a park, they have such an opportunity, for example, in Tchervenytsia, or the Botanical Garden of UzhNU on Shakhta. Uzhgorod has many beautiful green areas and the government is doing everything possible to maintain them in a good condition’, stated the Mayor in January. However now, in the environmental area something strange is happening and the public should definitely learn about it and get at least some explanation from the city authorities and conservationists.


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