Customs officers withdrawn the icon of St. Michael, dated XIX century

At the checkpoint "Uzhgorod" inspectors of Chop customs prevented illegal importation of an ancient icon, dating back to the XIX century, into Ukraine.A Slovak citizen was trying to bypass customs legislation hiding the icon in his Skoda Octavia. 

The experts concluded that the icon represents the cultural and antique value and is an example of Russian canonical iconography in the middle of the 19th century (board, gesso, stamping, tempera, gold leaf). The icon depicts the Archangel Michael in full-length, full face, holding a sword in his right hand. The edges are decorated with embossed geometric ornament.

As foreigner explained the rare icon was bought in the market of Kosice (Slovakia) for few hundred dollars and brought with him to Uzhgorod for his own purposes without any permits.

On the basis of Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine the customs drew up a protocol for violation of domestic law. St. Michael will now protect the customs warehouse until further court decisions – said Victoria Sengetovskaya, the press secretary of Chop Customs.

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