Customs officers found hidden reagents

A citizen of Ukraine tried to import through the "green corridor" at the customs post "Luzhanka" 349 sets of foreign diagnostic reagents in violation of the customs legislation.

Crossing the Ukrainian-Hungarian border by car around five o’clock in the morning, a 46-year-old entrepreneur from Ivano-Frankivsk chose the simplified customs clearance procedure – the "green corridor". However, the inspectors decided to check the contents of travel luggage and make sure the citizens was crossing the border lawfully.

Having examined bags with personal belongings of the driver more carefully, customs officers noticed their heavy weight. As it turned out, the enterprising man had packed them with sets of diagnostic reagents, weighing in total over 85 kg. The entrepreneur was carrying them for hisr own laboratory in Ivano-Frankivsk.

So for giving customs officers false information about goods that are restricted for import into the territory of Ukraine and are subject to a written declaration, as well as for violation of the established order of the simplified customs control, the customs officers drew up against the citizen a protocol under Articles 471 and 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Now, the confiscated medical kits will be kept in customs warehouse until the final court judgment.


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