Customs and business have reached the agreement

The head of Chop Customs has come with a business visit to the plant, providing electronics and design – "Flextronix", located in Mukachevo. Having started its work as a member of FEA in late 2005, this company has shown a successful example of investing in Transcarpathia, providing jobs for our fellow countrymen and filling the budget with millions of hryvnyas. The general manager of the plant Taras Petryna and the regional manager Peter Clark showed the chief customs officer of the region the installation process of the first line of production.

Last year the company paid the customs duties of 4.4 million hryvnyas. And, having expanded the production in Mukachevo industrial complex, it launched the import of equipment, according to the spokeswoman for Chop Customs Victoria Sengetovskaya.

So, thanks to a regular supply of equipment, beginning from January 2012, there have been imported goods worth 2.1 million UAH of taxes. And this month, the plant has paid the customs transfer of 6.5 million UAH, which is 1.5 times more than for the entire previous year. (!)

Currently, the main goods, imported by the enterprise, are components for electronic equipment, industrial equipment, control and calculation devices, industrial furniture and equipment, packaging material.

According to the investors, the plant will operate in three shifts. Therefore, having successfully launched the first line, it is planned to start over 10 lines more this September. And that means more working places, production of a wide range of goods, and hence the increase of revenue to the local budget and development of investment climate in Transcarpathia.


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