Croats are interested in Transcarpathian agriculture and plan to develop joint tourism projects

On Wednesday, November 14, the deputy head of the Regional State Administration Ivan Bushko and the deputy chairman of the regional council Andriy Serbaylo met with a delegation from the Vukovarsko-Srijemska županija of the Republic of Croatia. 

As the Governor of the Vukovarsko-Srijemska županija Bozho Galicha noted during the meeting, this was the first time he had ever visited Transcarpathia. In particular, representatives of the županija were interested in the work of the regional farms and enterprises with foreign investment. Thus, the delegation has visited the farm "Konyk" and the company "Jabil".

– Croatia has extensive experience in agriculture. After seeing some areas of your region, I can confidently say that you have all the conditions for growing high quality fruits and vegetables. These conclusions I will share with entrepreneurs of Croatia. It is possible that our countrymen would want to invest in Transcarpathia – said Bozho Galicha.

The parties also discussed possibilities of cooperation in the tourism sector, particularly in the development of the ski tourism and health and medical industry.
– We are interested in joint tourism and recreational projects. Croatia has significant achievements in the development of tourism infrastructure. For Transcarpathia, tourism is among the development priorities. So I am sure that your experience plus our capabilities will give positive results, – said Ivan Bushko. 

At the end of the meeting, the Croatian delegation members invited the Transcarpathian colleagues to visit Vukovarsko-Sremska županija to communicate with representatives of travel agencies. Experts of the tourism industry of Croatia and Transcarpathia have to develop a number of joint projects to share tourists, informed the press center of RSA.

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