Criminals are trying to exert psychological pressure on border guards

Soldiers of the State Border Guard Service continue to take actions against illegal activities at the state border. In response, smugglers desperately try to resist, often threatening border guards with harm and damaging their personal property.

Thus, yesterday, unknown persons broke the glass on the car of the head of a border guad service department of the Mukachevo border guard detachment. This was preceded by border guards’ active measures to combat smuggling among local residents. Thus, criminals expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of border guards by damaging the car of a border guard.

It should be noted that the pressure on the State Border Guard Service officers increases in proportion to enhancing of the measures for combating crimes at the state border.

It should also be noted that the border agency report all such incidents to the competent law enforcement authorities and take all measures to protect the rights of the soldiers who faithfully guard the border of Ukraine.  


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