Criminal case on the trains’ collision at Uzhgorod railway station was sent to the court

The Transcarpathian transport Prosecutor’s Office has already finished pre-trial investigation and sent the criminal case on the trains’ collision at Uzhgorod railway to the court.

The criminal case was instituted against the train setter of Uzhgorod railway station for the traffic safety rules violation or the rail transport exploitation (Part 1, Article 276 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) on April 17, according to the Transcarpathian transport prosecutor Igor Siekhin.

It turned out that he was the head of shunting, but after drinking too much that day he left the passenger train and consequently did not lead maneuvers and did not take measures to stop it. As a result, the collision happened between the train number 82 ‘Kyiv-Uzhgorod’ and a group of seven wagons that were on the same gauge created a danger to human life. Then, five train conductors were injured.

The blood tests on the alcohol results of the trains’ setter showed that he was at work, managed the maneuvers in the state of alcoholic intoxication with a blood alcohol concentration of 5,07 0/00 (ppm), which refers to the fatal alcohol poisoning degree – added Igor Siekhin.

In addition, the Transcarpathian transport Prosecutor’s Office on the specified fact of passenger trains collision took the prosecutor’s response measures: the representation is required to the Head of ‘Uzhgorod Direction of the Railway Transportation’ DTGO ‘Lviv Railway’, as a result of examination of which the disciplinary measures are applied to 7 officers – one person was fired from job on the railway, three were fired from their posts, – informed the Prosecutor’s Office in Transcarpathian region press service. 

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