“Creative Studio” welcomes …

"PADIUN" continues the tradition of personal pupils’ exhibitions. This time two students of Viktoria Sinichka – Andreja Lukach and Anna Koshilka – joined their works. Though the girls are attending the same group and have one teacher, their works are very different. Each has her own vision, and the girls are using different techniques. Anya is completely in a whirlwind of flowers, they are present in each work of the girl. By the way, this is her second exhibition. Anya enjoys ceramics too. She is the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of basic technical modeling. The girl has got a lot of ideas, which she is already discussing with the teacher.

In the works of Andrea feminine is felt. Most of her works have not only aesthetic value, but practical too. The girl also has an achievement – for two years in a row she becomes a winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "Know and love your land". Andreya, like Anne, is engaged not only in the circle of "Creative Studio". This year, the girl took up graphics and she is successful in it.

At the exhibition there was a very friendly atmosphere. Special warmth in it was added by a maternal topic. And it was felt not only because the event was hold on the eve of Mother’s Day. Mothers of both pupils were present at the exhibition and it was obvious that they understand their children, support their art. And a "Lullaby for Mom", performed by a pupil of the folk group "Istoki" Elizabeth Kravchuk, perfectly fit the event. Bouquets of white lily-of-the-valleys, sincere admiration and recognition of friends, loving looks of mothers, certificates from the management of "PADIUN" – that’s the reward for the girls’ hard work. And even more – the feeling that a human on this earth is a creator of beauty and goodness!


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