Court will consider the case against the editor interim of newspaper ‘Visnyk Beregivshchyny’

A significant penalty and dismissal from the position is threatened to Volodymyr Markitan.

Trial in the criminal case against chief editor interim of ‘Visnyk Berehivschyny’ Volodymyr Markitan is scheduled on August 6. This information was personally confirmed by ‘Telekrytyka’.

As it was earlier reported by the Institute of Mass Information, the case was initiated on May 18, 2012 by Beregovo district prosecutor in Transcarpathian region Ivan Zareva. The basis is failure in payment wages to the personnel of ‘Visnyk Berehivschyny’ (part.1, article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Newspaper staff turned to the Prosecutor’s Office because they thought that they are getting wages not unreasonably for several months.

It turned out that 9 workers of the newspaper do not get salaries for more than 2 months, even though in the presence on account of the newspaper more than 26 thousand. ‘The administrator used money for other purposes’, – was stated in the report.

The administrator is Volodymyr Markitan, although he took the post of interim chief editor and he said that he also did not receive wage.

He said that mentioned 26 thousand hryvna he was unable to spend for repayment of salary debts since had to ensure the edition’s printing and pay other bills. Now, according to editor interim, salaries are paid, but the indebtedness appeared in front of the printing house in the amount of 15 thousand hryvnia.

The best way out of this situation, to his mind is to review the system of financing. ‘Publication founders should paid for materials which they want to see in the newspaper’ – estimated editor. He suggests that they could refuse from the status of public enterprises and develop ‘Visnyk Berehivschyny’ as a commercial project, however debts prevent to do this.

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