Control over anti-epidemic measures at the markets of Uzhgorod will be tightened

The control over anti-epidemic measures at the markets of Uzhgorod must be tightened to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv ​​said at the working meeting with market managers today.  
As you know, in recent days in Ukraine in general and in Transcarpathia in particular, doctors have recorded a significant increase in the number of patients with COVID-19. The Ministry of Health acknowledges that the epidemic situation is getting worse, the main reason being non-compliance with quarantine restrictions. 
Following the meeting, the municipal guard department of the city council, together with the national police and the State Food and Consumer Service, was instructed to set up monitoring groups to monitor the activities of the markets. If violations are found, the issue of closing the market could be considered. 
The heads of the city’s economic development department and the city department of the State Food and Consumer Service reminded market managers about the algorithm of actions for detection of diseases among employees and warned them about the need to follow the Interim Recommendations on Organizing Anti-Epidemic Measures in Trade during the Quarantine, the Information Department of Uzhgorod City Council reported.

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