Consul General of Ukraine in Niredgaza: Fees for visas determined by Ukrainian legislation

Recently, in the Transcarpathian information space it was reported that the service, the price of which Ukrainian Consulate General in Hungarian Niredgaza said to be1500 U.S. dollars, is available for $ 80 in Preshov and Lublin consulates. At first glance, the sensational material was published by the newspaper ‘Zakarpatskaya Pravda’ and then reprinted by several online publications. To find out the origin of this difference we asked the Consulate General of Ukraine in Niredgaza.

– Is this the consulates’ initiative or insufficiently considered policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? – journalists ask the rhetorical question in the material.
Actually a British citizen who is married to a Ukrainian told the reporters about the sum of $ 1,500 for processing an immigrant visa in the Consulate General of Ukraine in Niredgaza. Consul General of Ukraine Sergey Borodenko confirmed the fact that the British citizen addressed him recently. However, Consul General claims that the foreigner was given a thorough explanation of the procedure for obtaining visas for entry to Ukraine and their consular fees.Therefore, Sergei Borodenko informed that entry (exit) of foreigners in Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine ‘On Legal Status of Foreigners and Persons without citizenship’ from September 22, 2011 and by the Rules for issuing visas for entry to Ukraine and transit through its territory, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from June 1, 2011 № 567.
According to these regulations, visas processing for foreigners is based on the planned duration of their stay in Ukraine and in the presence of relevant documents.
Thus, according to Consul General, the fees for processing visas by the consular office in Ukraine are as follows, unless otherwise is stipulated by the international treaties of Ukraine: a single visa – 85 U.S. dollars; double-entry visa – 130 USD; multiple-entry visa – 200 USD.
For urgent visa processing, or for processing it out of working hours consular fee will be charged double.
In case if a foreign country charges citizens of Ukraine for the visa fee which is in excess of the above mentioned tariff rates, the fees based on the principle of reciprocity in accordance with the Foreign Ministry is collected by the diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine for viza processing to citizens of the state.
In particular, a visa for citizens of the UK (by the way, the citizens of this state have a visa-free entry to Ukraine up to 90 days during 180) is as follows: one-time short-term visa – 134 USD or 84 pounds, short-term double-entry visa – 465 USD or 291 pounds, short-term multiple-entry visa – 854 USD or 534 pounds, long-term one-time visa for permanent residence in Ukraine – 1423 dollars or 889 pounds.
At the end of the conversation Consul General of Ukraine in Niredgaza Mr Borodenkov emphasized that the above mentioned rules and rates apply to all diplomatic missions and consular offices of Ukraine abroad, without any exception.
By the way, going to the official website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom, we encounter the same amount of visa fee. On the website of the Embassy of Slovakia we read that, thanks to agreements between the two governments such fees are canceled. At the official resource of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland the section ‘consular fees’ is being in the process of development. However, despite the ‘thaw’ in relations between Ukraine and Poland for the last 5-10 years, it is likely that the two countries have a similar agreement.

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