Construction of the “Small Carpathian Circle” connecting Transcarpathia with two regions has started (PHOTOS)

Repairs of the Slavske – Khashchovanya road have begun as part of the project "Small Carpathian Ring", which provides for the construction of a 100 km long road ring to connect three regions and ski resorts in Lviv region, the reported.

It is planned to build two bridges, arrange sidewalks in the settlements, drains and retaining walls of gabions.

UAH 72 million has been allocated from the state road fund for the road connecting Transcarpathian region with the others. The work is being performed by the company Avtomagistral-Pivden.

Until now, residents of local settlements have been using the gravel road to travel to neighboring regions. The construction of a modern highway will allow to expand economic ties between the two regions and promote tourism.

As part of the "Small Carpathian Circle" project, it is planned to repair 300 kilometers of roads connecting three mountainous regions – Lviv, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk. 

Under the optimistic scenario, the project is expected to be completed in three years.


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