Congratulations on Customs Day!

Today in Ukraine the customs officers celebrate their professional holiday. For Transcarpathia this is a special day, because the length of the customs border in the area of Chop customs is 467 km, where 19 checkpoints are situated. Over 1,100 people are employed at the Customs of the region.
Transcarpathian journalists continue to cooperate with customs officers.

Ani Nikogosyan, the Head of Editorial Office of social and analytical programs of Transcarpathian Regional State TV and Radio Company Tisa-1, a freelancer of television news channel "24"

Customs without borders. The Customs office is open for cooperation. That is how Chop Customs can be described in recent years. Its professional staff does not only help in organization of shooting, but is always ready to give advice and guidance. Regardless of day and time. And, thanks to humane and friendly relations, the press service of Chop customs has become a true friend to many journalists. It’s nice when colleagues are able to be friendly towards each other. It’s nice when there are indeed no boundaries between them. It’s nice because it does not interfere to carry out their professional duties at the same time.

Natalia Zotova, TSN correspondent, "Studio 1+1"

When there is an opportunity to work at customs I am happy. I’m glad, because I am certain that everything will be well, that we’ll shoot the material quickly and efficiently. Even if the topic is "not very comfortable" for customs officers, nobody will stand on our way. They will meet us, comment on the problem and tell us how they are going to solve it. And I really like the fact that our customs officers are very well aware of all the details of journalist work. Not all representatives of other professions have such knowledge. I am grateful for this because this cooperation allows working very quickly and saves a lot of time. Moreover, the audience gets a good story.

Svetlana Kovbitsa, a correspondent of ICTV channel

We have been closely co-operating with Chop customs for years now. They have a professional spokesperson, who understands the job of a journalist. Chop customs officers are always honest and willing to communicate. Probably, they are well aware that it is thanks to journalists that Ukrainians learn about the work of the customs, the violations of customs laws, the innovations and perspectives of development of customs service of Ukraine. And it raises the image of a customs officer as a profession. Personally, my co-operation with Chop Customs has a solid foundation, which has already been proven by many years.

Mikhail Nosa, a chairman of the editorial office of the newspaper "Nedilya"

Our publications have been actively cooperating with the Chop Customs for a long time. First of all, it is an informative cooperation: it provides timely information for readers about the changes and innovations in customs. But I also very much appreciate the work of the press service of the customs and its management for humane treatment of those who daily cross the border. On the professional holiday I wish them to remain experts in their field, and above all I thank them for being open to the media.

Tatiana Vashargeli, an Honored Journalist of Ukraine, Transcarpathian Regional State TV and Radio Company Tisa-1

Years of journalism seem to have taught us everything: indifference of officials, employees’ zeal, scornful and indifferent rudeness of politicians. Perhaps this is why business and, most importantly, friendly willingness to cooperate evokes not only surprise, but gratitude too. Chop customs, in this sense, is just such a kind of a partner. Business, hard, right-directed aggressive press office, a properly polite manager, who remembers every journalist and sincerely appreciates their work – these are basic components of effective collaboration of media and Transcarpathian customs officers. I express my gratitude and wish them quiet borders, mutual understanding with colleagues, polite clients and respect from the state. In short, everything that contributes to the success and happiness!

Galina Yartseva, director of the TSS of information and analytical programs of Transcarpathian Regional State TV and Radio Company, a freelancer of "Channel 5"

Over the last two years we had to frequently cross the Ukrainian border. Therefore, I have meticulously watched the work of responsible services. Given the active preparation for the Euro, the reconstruction of customs checkpoints and the daily load of Transcarpathian customs officers, I want to thank them. First of all, because they still have the strength to smile to travelers, to wish us a safe trip and perform the tasks given by the state.

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