Congo citizen was detained with the Netherlands citizen passport by Chop border guards

The adventure of Republic Congo citizen, who has provided the Netherlands citizen passport for checking, was revealed by the ‘Tysa’ checkpoint border guards.

The doubts raised about the passport holder during the audit, the document itself did not cause any suspicion and turned out to be authentic and with no fakes during the inspection.

The expert group drew attention to the elements that are ‘exposed’ the Moroccans in the course of conversation: his age was considerably less that it was indicated in the passport, he was 5 centimeters lower height than it was indicated in the document, ‘control autograph’ was different from the passport holder signature.

After the conducted measures the bearer of the Netherlands citizen passport confessed that he is the Republic of the Congo citizen and he intended to illegally get into one of the EU countries.

The illegal immigrant is awaiting the trial for the unsuccessful attempt to illegally cross the state border.   

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