Condominium instead of Housing Office: leave not stay (Photo-fact)

With this headline, we tried to show the dilemma, which residents of apartment buildings in Uzhgorod and other cities have been trying to solve lately. It’s time to decide where to put a comma. That is, to make a bold attempt to escape from the severe oppression of housing offices and similar monster utilities and go to a new life; or to timidly reject something unknown that is offered, and leave everything as it is.     

This is more or less the present balance of opinions and judgments.

Residents of the house №55 on Svoboda Avenue decided to make changes in their lives. Not all of them, of course, but the majority. Probably the main reason is that the building is in a terrible state and it can not be any worse. So there is basically nothing to lose. The house is a kind of mini-slums. It is inhabited mainly by older people, who received apartments from enterprises when they were young, and by tenants who do hot care much about housing problems. Yet some enterprising residents found the courage and prudence to try to escape from the tenacious hands of the Housing Office 4 and make the lives of those suffering from inactivity of this organization more comfortable. It’s not going to be easy – it is understood by all those who signed the decision on the establishment of the condominium. The path is thorny, and they will have to overcome not only obstacles in the form of housing problems, but also the eternal human fear of change, as well as unwillingness and inability of the residents to change their vision of the present and future.  Yet… one has to start somewhere, otherwise they will spend all their life in dirty yards, damp basements, suffering from leaking roofs and corridors that get flooded during rains, fungus on the walls due to clogged gutters…

However the Housing Office 4 is not going to give up its positions so easy. According to the management of the newly established condominium, the public utilities are trying to hamper the transfer of documents.

Summarizing all the above, we are adding photos showing the current state of the house number 55 on Svoboda Ave. Without further comments, we suggest you to see how the house looks like today: porches, roofs above the basement; benches in the yard; leaking sewer pipes in the basement; balconies that are about to collapse; fungus on the walls; canopies over the entrances, piles of garbage… And also the ceiling in an apartment on the 5th floor, where the roof has been leaking for years.


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