Collector’s women’s purses at 1.5 thousand to 26 thousand euros were confiscated by the Transcarpathian customs (PHOTOS)

Returning on the weekend from Milan, a resident of Chernivtsi was carrying products of famous brands LOUIS VUITTON, ALESSANDRA RICH, JIL SANDER, ISABEL ETOILE, KHAITE, BALENCIAGA, and decided not to declare them to save on taxes.  
The 26-year-old resident of Chernivtsi arrived at the customs post "Tisa" of the Transcarpathian Customs in a minibus Mercedes-Benz. In the red corridor, he declared luggage with personal belongings, although he did not specify the exact number of seats. He orally denied carrying any goods subject to mandatory declaration and taxation. 
However, when inspectors together with border guards conducted an in-depth inspection of the minibus, they found goods not specified in the customs declaration.  
In 32 cardboard boxes, the young man was transporting women’s and men’s shoes in assortment, a total of 50 pairs; women’s purses of various brands in a total of 13 pieces; earrings ALESSANDRA RICH; hair clasp ALESSANDRA RICH in the form of a bow, decorated with crystals; neck chain JIL SANDER; men’s textile trousers of various models and sizes, a total of 16 pieces; a cotton coat for women ISABEL ETOILE; 7 women’s jackets in assortment; women’s cotton textile raincoat KHAITE; knitted sweater VETEMENTS; men’s knitted sweater BALENCIAGA; women’s dress ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER; bright green women’s skirt with a black print BALENCIAGA; woolen sweater with knitted sleeves OFF WHITE; women’s knitted top Jacquemus; perfumed eau de toilette LOUIS VUITTON, country of origin – France. 
The resident of Chernivtsi did not recognize the found goods as his property, citing that the boxes were given to him by strangers in Milan to deliver to the specified address. 
A report was drawn up against the Ukrainian for violation of customs rules under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. The goods were seized pending court decision. 
Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service 


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