Cobblestones are back. Chronicles of the first battle of Nezalezhnist embankment (PHOTO-REPORT)

The last day of summer in Uzhgorod was the date of a new battle for the beloved city, or, more precisely, its special corner – Nezalezhnist embankment, where the famous longest lime alley in Europe is located. 

People, who reasonably question the necessity of the works on Nezalezhnist embankment planned by the city authorities, were unpleasantly surprised by the haste the works have started with. Thus, in the morning, Uzhgorod residents saw workers removing the pavement with crowbars, endangering the roots of the limes. As you know, the expediency of the reconstruction (or officially – repair) of the embankment caused a mixed response in the city for several reasons.   


In addition, the city residents consider it inappropriate to begin another large-scale repair, when so many projects have been unfinished for a long time, in particular, ​​Petofi square. All that caused not only indignation, but also an online petition to suspend the work, which yesterday already received the number of votes required for consideration at the session of the City Council. Having noticed the work being performed on the embankment, Uzhgorod residents made the workers stop the process and called the police.

Uzhgorod citizens say that they will continue to control the situation, and are ready to hold rallies, pickets and even to set up a tent camp. The movement #savenabka was launched in social networks. It should be noted: most people are not against the renovation of the embankment and the replacement of the pavement. But, in their opinion, reconstruction or repairs can be carried out only if approved by experts and without the risk to lose the identity of the embankment and the entire neighbourhood. Currently, the first "battle" for the embankment has been won.

Will Uzhgorod residents win the "war" and make the authorities listen to the opinion of independent experts and the community? You can find out the details and sign the petition on the page of the city protection community Save Uzhhorod, and follow the events in the social networks under the tag #savenabka. 


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