Coach of “Hoverla” Sevidov about winter training period: “At the hotel we were just made fun of”

"I have not been giving interviews for a few months. This is my first interview, and maybe the last one in this club. I want to say that training was organized at a very low level," – Oleksandr Sevidov said.

"The hotel was disgusting, with wet and rotten rooms, the food was also disgusting, the fields were horrible. And most importantly – boorish and very uncomfortable communication with hotel managers. I have never seen such disrespect for teams from Ukraine. In some cases, they were just making fun of us."

"The apogee occurred when on one of the training days, we went to training at 10 o’clock, and we were told that our training had been appointed at 8 o’clock. This was the organizers’ fault. Who will bear responsibility? Usually in the club, I am responsible for everything. I’m ready for this. Have I talked to Oleksandr Shufrych? I think I’ll call Nestor Ivanovich – he makes all decisions here."

Oleksandr Shufrych refused to comment on the situation at the club, and the constant delays of wages in the team remain.

"Despite everything, we trained and had a lot of sparring matches, we were preparing for the championship and will do our best to stay in the Premier League," – the coach concluded.

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