City officials, police and carriers will join efforts to improve safety of Uzhgorod residents

Yesterday, there was a meeting chaired by the Acting Mayor of Uzhgorod Istvan Tsap to establish close and substantive trilateral cooperation of the City Council, carriers and units of the National Police.

They discussed the observance of traffic rules by drivers, especially regarding boarding and deboarding of passengers, construction of stationary bus stops according to technical requirements, as currently only about a third of them meet the standards.

On certain routes, pickpockets are very active, so policemen ask to place inside the buses special warnings for passengers to be careful and watch their belongings.
They also discussed the locations where additional traffic signs need to be installed, traffic lights to be repaired. 

The Acting Mayor Istvan Tsap said: "We all have a common goal – providing quality service and safety for Uzhgorod residents, and many issues regarding that will be resolved by direct contact of the participants of today’s meeting."

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